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The Story

You are a businessman on a trip to an unknown town. On the way there, your car died. Since the city is not far off, you decide to walk. But what you don't know is that many people have disappeared on this street  and you will find out, why . . . 


Contains jumpscares and flashing lights!

This is my first Game i ever made, so it 's short. Please give me Feedback, i will appreciate that! - Thanks to everbody who supports me!

Updated 9 days ago
Published 15 days ago
Tags3D, Horror, Walking simulator


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Well  I can tell you that if you are walking down the street and this stuff happens you run home NOT TO A DAMN TOWN FULL OF DEMONS DANGIT!!! good game tho

Good stuff, I made a Youtube video on this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylFFfRyoj7Y

Love It! The atmosphere gives off this eerie feeling of impeding doom which I love in short horror games like this! Overall this is pretty good considering its your first game. Good work, cant wait to see what you make in the future.

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Hey good job! I made my first video about your first game :)

Can't wait to see what you do next!

Is this game available for Mac OS? If not, I want it to be.

It did a great job of keeping me at the edge of my seat 

How much money is this game? I'm curious


its for free :)

Oh.. ok thanks!  ;)


Everythings fine, I'm just going for a wee walk up the road 

Awesome. I had to keep looking behind me at every lamp post just to make sure nothing was following me. Best moments were the car and the ending. Super creepy

 loved your game but my game glitched at the last part overall a good game


I felt the jump scare at the end wasn't earned, I think a more subtle approach would be appreciated.

I really enjoyed the ambience, you have a knack for that. I would like to see the monster incorporated like how you do the ambience, make you dread it and think about it long after the game is done. Like have it follows closely behind you without making a noise. That would be scary. Other than that, this is a REALLY impressive first time submission.

Much creepier than I thought it would be! Starts at 14:38!

fun little game i had a blast playing :D keep up the good work amigo 


I would really appreciate if y'all showed some love

Just did a vid on this great game.Keep up the good work!!!

Haha i never watch others games until iv played the game myself to not ruin the scares and i was happy with this :D Thanks for the awesome game, your game is first in the video!

It was my first horror i played. Nice job

I gave the game a try, it was pretty fun.

Was a short yet enjoyable Game. Made ya boy jump a few times. 

(Gameplay below but first a mini-review :D)

This game made me yell out so many times during the video. Kept looking over my shoulder in the game, running and running, etc. Even if that meant running into danger, I just wanted to get off the street XD

Perfect amount of jumpscares that were conveniently placed and weren't overly used or put around cheaply as you would see in games like this.

The ambiance was eerie and creepy, the environment was beautiful too! 

5/5 - Definitely!

I very much enjoyed this one and I'm very curious as to what kind of games you'll make in the future.

Maybe tune down the jumpscares and focus on the atmosphere (positional audio for example that moves in the bushes).

I just tried your game and I have to say. THIS GAME HAD ME ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT!!!!! I DID A VIDEO FOR YOU AND MAN WHEN I SAY MY HEART WAS BEATING OUT MY CHEST!!!! Bruh, just watch the video lol.

Hey, nice game!
Try using spotlights instead point lights and the illumination will look better. 
I made a little video in spanish. Ty again for you game. 

Not bad for your first game.

gg. (Skip to 10:00)

As far as a first game goes this is acceptable. It feels more like a trigger test than an actual game. Jumpscares don't really land, the monster designs are haphazardly random, but the game functions, that's nice.

Wow, scary game


One of the first horror games I've played on itch and it put the bar pretty high in my opinion. The jumpscares were tasteful, Not in your face or over the top, just enough for you to wish your character would move faster to get under the street light. It keeps you on edge wondering what is going to happen next and the ending got me, not gonna lie. 10/10 short and scary. 

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I absolutely loved this game, would love to see more. With the nearing the end of the game would like to have the enemy grab me from behind. or start to slowly go to black, then hit with a jumpscare. This is my reaction to your awesome game. This was about of the three games I played during indie hour. 

Great first game. It gave me a a silent hill vibe to it. For a short first time game it was worth the play!

I can not express how much I LOOOOOVED THIS!!! It was just the right amount of spooky (had me laughing at one point though which made it better) and the length was great too. 5/5, probably one of my favorite games I've played on here to be honest haha

Awesome keep it going! Love how jacked the alien and totally flexing on me.

For a first game this wasn't bad at all 5/5, definitely got me at some parts. Also made a video on it.

Very good game for the first game made. I love it. I hope to see more from you in the future :)

btw here is my video:

It's a short yet fantastic and horrifying experience. The 'main jump scare' reeeeeally got me. (Did a german lets play for it)

Thank you so much, looking forward to your next game!

Schön, dass es dir gefallen hat! Tolles Video :) 

This was a great game mate! Loved it. Perfect amount of fear and creep and an all around great game.

Hi! I love your game an am wondering what wonderful game engine you used to make it? Such a nice game.

I used Unity :)

That car you know I'm talking about is the soul of this game hahaha.

i wanted to take a break from homework and get myself a good scare. this game did just that! the atmosphere was impeccable and i thoroughly enjoyed how i felt so on edge the entire time. great work!!

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